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🌟 Avant Devices: Transforming Lives, Powering the Future.

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At the heart of technological innovation and inclusion, Avant Devices, a company backed by Innoventures Capital, MHI Capital Private Equity and Seeking Seed, emerges with a bold vision to change the game in mobility. Beyond being a company, we are shapers of experiences and transformers of lives.

💡 Innovation that Resonates in the Heart of Visionary Companies.

Avant Devices has captured the attention of visionary investors by offering a pioneering approach to mobility. Renowned companies have bet on our vision, backing the revolution we are leading in assistive technology.

🚀 Explorer One: More than a Device, a Revolution in Mobility

Explorer One, our crown jewel, has captivated those seeking meaningful investments. This transformative device converts manual chairs to electric, unlocking a new era of freedom for thousands of people. Imagine the impact this has on daily life and full participation in society.

📈 Funding Round Open: Your Chance to Be Part of the Change

The window of opportunity is open, and we invite you to be part of our story. Avant Devices’ funding round is underway, and we are looking for passionate investors who want to pioneer a technological revolution that will make a mark.

💼 Your Investment, a Catalyst for the Future.

It’s not just about a return on investment; it’s about shaping the future. By investing in Avant Devices, you’re supporting innovation, social change and the potential to improve the lives of countless people.

🌟 Explorer One Exceptional Features:

Efficient Conversion System: Converts manual chairs to electric, opening up a new world in mobility.

Compact and Easy to Transport: Approximate weight of 8kg with one battery installed, easy storage and transport design.

Great Autonomy: Approximately 40 km for a user of 90 kg and double battery, with balanced weight.

Total Control with Joystick: Everything under control with a stylish joystick for an effortless riding experience.

Adaptable and Compatible: Interchanges the rear wheels, compatible with most manual chairs.

Customizable and Adjustable: Adjustable steering control module, high customizability according to the width of the chair.

Invest Now and Be Part of the Transformation with Avant Devices!

Innovation doesn’t wait, and your investment can make a difference. Join us on this exciting journey and be part of the revolution that is changing the way we look at mobility and inclusion.

Easy to repair: If something fails in your device, repair it by yourself but if you need professional help, you can continue using your chair in manual mode, and don’t let anything stop you!!

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