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About us

We are a Spanish start-up company using an innovative approach to developing mobility devices for people with disabilities and the elderly.
In 2015, Juan Antonio Carrasco, CEO of Avant Devices, saw that mobility devices clearly needed much more advanced and customised development, due to his own physical disability.
Based on his values and objective viewpoint, we develop devices that adapt to the real needs of each user, because not everyone has the same needs and each person has their own particular situation.

Juan Ant. Carrasco



To democratise mobility devices for an easier and more inclusive world.


To develop high-tech devices to fit their users in a real and practical way.

Better together

A project for the future with the endorsement and support of some of the most important investors in the field.

Bruno Dureux

CEO of INNOVENTURES CAPITAL. Economist with more than 20 years’ management experience across different sectors.

Francisco de Haro

CEO MHI Capital. 15 years’ experience in private banking and investment.

Cosme Bernabé Ruiz

Investment group in the Region of Murcia. Board member in WANNASEED, MySmartBeach, Vincle Capital SL (UMH and UA) and Avant Devices.

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