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Social commitment
Avant Devices

As a start-up company run by and for the disabled, our main goal is to make something as basic as mobility a reality in the everyday lives of people with disabilities and the elderly. This is our unwavering commitment.

Our mission is to give everyone access, regardless of their resources, to these conversion devices for manual wheelchairs and to facilitate their lives, thus helping them to be part of society in a more real and inclusive way.

Help us change the world

There are 70 million people with disabilities in Europe alone. Of these, 30% require specific assistance, 13% require specific care and 57% have mobility problems, amounting to approximately 40 million people. Of this significant percentage, 26% are independent users with an active life who may require our devices, but there are 74% of users who need a third person and this is where we could help them change their day-to-day lives.

70 million people with disabilities in Europe

At Avant Devices we work closely with associations including d’genes to try to bring our products closer to those who face the greatest barriers to accessing our devices.

At Avant Devices social work, we welcome anyone who’d like to work with us in the development of this project and enable an easier world of integration for this new era.


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