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An efficient system for converting manual wheelchairs to power wheelchairs, opening up a whole new world of mobility for you

Compact, easy-carry device

Great autonomy with balanced weight

*Approximate weight: 8 kg with a battery installed

*Approximate autonomy: 40 km for a 90-kg user and dual battery

Everything controlled with a slim joystick controller

*Includes emergency stop button

Swap rear wheels to suit what you need

Easy-to-install conversion kit

Compatible with most manual wheelchairs

Compatible con la mayoría de sillas de ruedas manuales

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Stop and safety lock to ensure correct positioning.


Configurable and adjustable joystick controller for different diameters and operator use positions.


High capacity for customisation and adjustment to different manual wheelchairs.


Designed for easy storage and transport.

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Check our Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The mobility devices developed by Avant Devices are compatible with most manual wheelchairs currently marketed in Europe, both rigid and folding wheelchairs.

Avant Devices works to ensure that its mobility devices are all compatible with each other and with the different wheelchairs (both rigid and folding chassis) that a user may have. In this way, if the user has several wheelchairs, by installing fixed anchor points on each of them, they can use the devices with each wheelchair and thus make their day-to-day life easier.

These devices are designed to be installed by users themselves or with the help of a third party. Installation is easy and intuitive, and is supported by an easy-to-follow handbook.

We also have a network of distributors across Spain who, in addition to selling the devices, also offer installation and repair services.

These devices have been designed so as to not limit user autonomy. In the event of any problem, the user can uncouple their conversion device and use the wheelchair manually while the device is being repaired.

The device can be repaired quickly by replacing the damaged component. Damaged components will be sent within 24/48 hours, and can be replaced by the official technical service and/or distributors, or by users themselves by referring to an easy repair handbook.

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